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List of Activities that are Not Allowed after Breast Augmentation

Date: Monday 24th April 2017


The days that follow your breast augmentation surgery is considered to be a delicate time for healing. It is important that you avoid stressing yourself out to ensure that you heal in time and without complications.? Here are activities that you should refrain from doing after you just had breast surgery.


Avoid doing strenuous activity or exercise

It is very important that you avoid doing any activity or exercise that would stress you out unduly. Let your body heal first because and increase your level of activity gradually. Let your body heal on its own pace otherwise stressing it unduly can only make it vulnerable to complications. Simply avoid doing any activity that would compromise results, such as heavy lifting, sports, etc.


Avoid sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back is not good for the implants. Applying pressure on your breasts by putting your weight over it will not only cause you pain but will also result to broken incisions. This would cause you to return to your doctor which means added expenses.


Avoid getting your incisions wet 

It is important that you keep your incisions dry as your wounds are still healing. Exposing it to moisture will only put it at risk for infection and delayed healing. So make sure that you cover it well and dry it enough after cleansing.


Avoid smoking

Even before surgery, your doctor would have already advised you against smoking. This is for the reason that smoking increases the risk for bleeding and it also delays healing. Even after surgery you should still steer clear from cigarettes for the same reason. Give it four weeks at the least.


Avoid alcohol

Alcohol consumption should also be avoided for at least five days to a week after surgery. Alcohol can also slow down wound healing because it creates an imbalance in the skin’s hydration level because it is a drying agent that forces water out of your cells.


Avoid touching your wound

Your wound may start to itch as it heals, but you must never scratch this because this can introduce bacteria which could lead to infection. Again, this delays healing and will only make you vulnerable to scar formation. A bit of self-control will really go a long way. Also make sure that you protect or cover your wound properly with clean gauze.


Avoid driving the first few days after surgery

Driving after breast augmentation surgery must be avoided because you might still be groggy from surgery. Have someone drive you home and even assist you around the house particularly for the first few days post-op. To avoid making trips to the grocery or anywhere, do this ahead of time or prepare what you need (e.g. food, medications) before the surgery.


Avoid bras that lack adequate support

A good bra that provides good support is one of the important things that you need to have after surgery. The best one to use is a sports bra because the fit reduces breast movement. Keeping your newly augmented breasts as immobile as possible will help it to heal much faster; otherwise too much movement will only cause undue stress and strain to the implants.??


About the Author: 

Sandra Hebert is a writer living in Brisbane, Australia. Sandra has had over 10 years of experience in all areas of breast augmentation and cosmetic surgery including extensive work exposure throughout Australia and abroad.

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