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About Chipped Teeth

What is Chipped Teeth?

Fix your chipped teeth to smile once again 

What is a chipped tooth?

A chipped tooth is a dental problem that may result due to an active lifestyle, sports-related injury, trauma, or accident. Though the enamel that covers the teeth is very strong and durable, a fall, a direct blow to the face, or biting something which is very hard often causes a tooth to break down or chip.

Most people get a chipped tooth at some point or the other in their lives. In most cases, people do not even realise that they have a chipped tooth until they experience pain while eating or chewing or sensitivity to hot and cold food and beverages. However, when chipped tooth is in the front, it does not look good and makes one feel embarrassed in front of others.

With the advent in medical science, today there are several treatment options for fixing chipped and broken teeth. People who have chipped teeth or who are born with one, need not live with them for the rest of their life. They can choose one of the various treatment options to fix their chipped teeth and get beautiful and nearly-perfect teeth and smile.

Some of the common treatments for fixing chipped teeth are dental filling or bonding, dental caps or crowns, dental veneers, and root canal.

Dental filling is used if just a small piece of teeth enamel has chipped off. Dental bonding is used for repairing front teeth that has got chipped or broken. It makes use of coloured composite resin for giving a natural and perfect look to the teeth. When a large piece of tooth breaks away, the dentists use dental crowns. Dental crowns not only improve the appearance of the damaged tooth, but also prevent it from further damage.

Dental veneers are also ideal for repairing front damaged or broken teeth. A dental veneer is a thin shell that covers the whole front of the tooth and makes it look healthy and attractive again.

Can I get chipped tooth/teeth fixed?

If you have broken or chipped teeth and you feel awkward about the way your teeth look, you must get it fixed. There are several treatments available to fix broken or chipped teeth. By availing the dental treatment to fix your chipped teeth you can once again get whole, and beautiful teeth. You can eat and chew your food properly and can smile with confidence.

In order to know which treatment option will work best for you, consult an experienced and qualified orthodontist. An orthodontist examines broken teeth and would advice you which treatment option would be ideal for you. Also, the orthodontist would take your medical history into account before offering you any advice and treatment for chipped teeth.

Who is the best candidate?

Side effects:

The risks and side-effects of chipped teeth usually depend on how much of the tooth is broken or chipped off. If only a small portion of the tooth has got chipped, there may not be any pain or physical discomfort. However, if a large portion of teeth has broken, one may experience tooth sensitivity, severe pain while eating and chewing, and tooth decay.

What is the Cost?

The cost would depend on the extent of damage and the treatment option suggested by dentist. Correcting chipped tooth can cost around $250-$2500. Get your chipped teeth fixed to smile and talk with confidence.

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