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About Dark Eye Circles

What is Dark Eye Circles?

Dark eye circles

In a world obsessed with beauty and looks, having dark circles under the eyes can be a real cause of worry for people. Dark eye circles can have a very negative impact on the appearance of a person. It can make people look older and ill.

What are dark eye circles?

It is the dark discoloration of the skin surrounding the eye. The skin under the eyes is thin and more transparent. Therefore, blood vessels can be seen more clearly. As skin transmits blue light better, the blood vessels under the eye give a bluish and brownish appearance. These are known as dark eye circles.

In most cases, dark circles are less of a health issue and more of a cosmetic concern. Dark circles can diminish the beauty of a person and make him/ her look pale and ill. Not eating a balanced diet or absence of certain important nutrients in the diet is one of the major causes of dark eye circles. Lack of adequate sleep and rest and hereditary factors are some of the other causes of dark circles. Smoking can also cause dark circles under the eyes.

A person having dark circles under the eyes is not necessarily unhealthy or ill. In some cases, excessive thinning of skin under the eyes can cause dark circles. Whatever the cause, it is important to get rid of dark circles as they can ruin your appearance and make your look pale.

In most cases, dark eye circles don’t pose any serious health threat. However, they do reflect your physical health and affects your overall wellbeing. Moreover, they can be a source of emotional stress and worry. Therefore, it’s important to treat them. By ascertaining the exact cause, a doctor can prescribe the right treatment option for a patient.

Who is the best candidate?

Any person having dark circles under the eyes is the right candidate for treatment. From natural remedies to cosmetic solutions, there is a wide range of treatment options available for dark eye circles. Before choosing the treatment, it is important to determine the exact cause. Getting proper sleep and adequate diet, quitting smoking and reducing stress are some of the natural ways to treat dark eye circles. Apart from these, there are many cosmetic solutions that include under eye creams and skin patch test. Laser treatments and chemical peels can also be used to treat dark eye circles

Side effects:

There are no side effects of dark eye circle treatments. However, laser treatments can cause some discomfort and bruising.

What is the Cost?

The cost depends on the type of treatment you choose. Generally, dark eye circle treatments are inexpensive.

Possible Alternatives: