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About Body Piercing

What is Body Piercing?

Body Piercing: An excellent way to enhance your looks

People in all cultures have practiced body modifications for many centuries. The desire to look good and attractive is the main reason why people go for body modification. Body modification is known as a form of artistic expression. Some people go for body modifications to express their individuality and also to indicate their social status. There are many types of body modifications. One of the most popular ones is body piercing.

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What is body piercing?

Body piercing is the practice of getting pireced at any part of the body for ornamental purposes. It is popular both with men and women. Ear piercing and nose piercing are two of the most popular forms of body piercing in the world. Mouth, tongue, eyebrow and navel are some of the other popular areas of the body where body piercing is done.

How is it done?

In body piercing, a sanitised needle is passed through the body part to create a hole for the insertion of jewellery. The pierced skin heals after six to eight weeks. However, a person should wait for at least 6 months to a year to remove the jewellery. Otherwise this may lead to closing of the pierced hole.

Body piercing has gained tremendous popularity amongst people of all ages and both genders. They can make a person look beautiful and attractive. Today, there is a wide range of body piercing options available to people. Moreover, there is an extensive range of high-quality jewellery that can be worn in different body parts.

When done by a qualified professional and with clean tools, body piercing is a safe way to enhance your looks. However, if you wish to get any of your body parts pierced, it is important to ensure that you don’t have any major health problem that can interfere with the healing process and cause health complications.

Who is the best candidate?

While ear piercing is common and uncomplicated, not everyone is a good candidate for other types of piercing such as navel or tongue piercing. An ideal candidate is one who doesn’t have any serious health problem like diabetes. One must also have a strong immune system. This will reduce the chances of infection. Also, it is important to recognise the healing tendencies of the body.

Side effects:

Body piercing is an invasive procedure and has a few risks. There is always a possibility of getting an infection. An infection may cause bleeding and swelling in the body part where the piercing is done. Some people may experience allergic reactions to metal. There is also a minor risk of acquiring HIV. In some cases, piercing may also cause dental complications.

What is the Cost?

The costs depend on the area of the body chosen for piercing. An ear or nose piercing can cost anywhere between $30 and $150 (AUD).

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