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About Brow/Neck Lift

What is Brow/Neck Lift?

Enhance your Looks and Appearance with Neck/ Brow Surgery


In most people, the first signs of ageing appear on the face and neck. Loss of muscle tone and degeneration of skin cells results in the sagging of the skin. While ageing is a fact of life and can’t be avoided, steps can be taken to restore the youthful look on your face.   

The recent advancements made in the world of cosmetic surgery have made it possible for people to reverse some of the effects of ageing. In this post, we’ve talked about two of the most important cosmetic surgeries that can significantly enhance your appearance- neck lift and brow lift.

What is it?

A neck lift is a cosmetic surgery performed to enhance the appearance of your neck. The purpose of this surgery is to tighten or remove the loose skin from the neck area. Sagging skin, wrinkles and other negative effects of ageing can be reduced with neck lift.

Brow lift, also known as forehead lift, is a cosmetic surgery performed to correct the sagging in the skin around the brow (the area directly above the eye). As we age, the skin above our eyes begin to droop. The purpose of a blow lift surgery is to make your face look youthful by tightening the skin muscles on the forehead.

Who is the best candidate?

You can go for neck/ brow lift surgery if you’re not happy with the appearance of your skin on the face and neck. People having frown lines between the eyes, are unable to apply make up on the upper eye lid and with excess skin or fat in the neck are good candidates for brow/ neck lift surgery. You must be a non-smoker and physically healthy. If you have any major medical condition, you need to discuss it with your surgeon first. Also, it is important that you don’t have any unrealistic expectations from the surgery. Your skin type, degree of skin elasticity and bone structure are some of the important factors that have to be taken into consideration.

Side effects:

It is important to understand the risks and side-effects before you go for neck/ brow surgery. These surgeries are performed under anaesthesia that can cause adverse reaction in some people. Some of the common side-effects of neck/ brow surgery include scarring, bleeding, infection, swelling, bruising and allergic reactions.

What is the Cost?

The average cost of neck lift surgery and brow lift surgery is around $6000 and $3000 respectively. However, the final costs depend on the extent of the surgery and the method used. Sagging eyebrows and loose skin on the neck can make you look unattractive. Neck/ brow surgery can significantly enhance your appearance. However, it is important to understand the complications and risks of the surgery. You can consult a cosmetic surgeon for more information and guidance.

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