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About Cheek Implant

What is Cheek Implant?

All about Cheek implants

There are many people who are not happy with their cheekbones. For such people cheek implant is a wonderful treatment. Cheek implant treatment makes the cheeks fuller and more defined, thus making one look younger and attractive.

By virtue of improving the facial looks, this cosmetic treatment also helps boost the confidence and self-esteem of a person.

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For those of you, who wish to seek cheek implant treatment, here is the basic information that you must know in order to take an informed decision.

Cheek implant procedure

Cheek implant or cheek augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is performed for adding volume to the otherwise sunken and recessed looking cheeks.

The cosmetic surgeon makes an incision either inside the mouth, or under the upper lip, or in the lower eyelid. The purpose is to create a

pocket for inserting the implant.

Implants come in different types and sizes. They are either solid or semi-solid and are made out of silicone, polythene or that of the patient’s own body tissue. To keep the implant in place, the cosmetic surgeon may use either metal screws, patient’s cheek muscles or he/she may stitch the implant.

The procedure is performed under local or general anaesthesia on an outpatient basis. The whole procedure is very quick and doesn’t take more than an hour. After the procedure, the patient is allowed to go back home.



Who is the best candidate?

People who want to enjoy the benefits of cheek implant surgery need to undergo a medical examination. The cosmetic surgeon conducts the medical examination of the interested person to find out if he is an ideal candidate for this cosmetic surgery procedure. The surgery is only recommended when the cosmetic surgeon gives the nod. Smoking, alcohol intake and intake of certain medicines is strictly prohibited before the surgery as it often affects the quality of results.

Side effects:

There are certain risks and side effects associated with almost every type of cosmetic surgery. Patients who undergo cheek implant surgery often experience bruising, bleeding, swelling, numbness, scarring, and infection. But these side effects last only for a couple of days after they subside and the patients enjoy their new, younger-looking, fuller cheeks. In some cases, the implant shifts its location and the patients are not happy with the results. There are some who find it difficult smiling or talking for few days after the surgery. It is rare, but sometime the body doesn’t accept the implant and it becomes necessary to remove it. To reduce the chances of risks and side effects, it is advisable to get the cheek implant surgery performed from a reputable and certified cosmetic surgeon.

What is the Cost?

Cheek implants can cost anywhere between $1500 and $3000. The cost of the cheek enhancement procedure depends on many factors, such as the type of implant used, the area that needs to be redefined, the experience and qualification of the cosmetic surgeon performing the surgery, and the area or the location where you are living. If you are interested in cheek implant surgery to get fuller and younger looking cheeks, look for a qualified and experienced surgeon.

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