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About Body Lift

What is Body Lift?

Body Lift: How it can help improve your overall appearance?  

Getting rid of loose, heavy folds of skin is one of the biggest challenges faced by those who’ve lost a lot of weight. Any extreme weight loss as well as age-related issues results in sagging fat and skin.

Abdomen, thighs and buttocks are some of the most-affected areas of the human body. Sagging skin not just looks unattractive but can also have a negative affect on the overall confidence and morale of a person.

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After Body LiftThe skin in the body of an obese person gets stretched and loses its elasticity. When the person loses weight, the skin fails to shrink back. This causes sagging of the skin. Despite their best efforts, most people fail to get rid of excess skin naturally.

Even the regular exercise, weight training and good diet fail to provide the desired results. This is where the body lift surgery may prove to be very useful.


 What is body lift?

Body lift procedures are designed to improve the body’s appearance by removing excess skin. Thigh lift, tummy tuck, arm lift and breast lift are some of the common body lift procedures. As per the needs of the patients, these procedures can either be performed as individual treatments or in combination. You can also opt for upper or lower body lift treatments. The aim of a body lift surgery is to improve the overall shape and tone of the body.

Body lift procedures provide a long-lasting solution for excess skin problem. These procedures can significantly enhance the appearance of a person.

Who is the best candidate?

Body lift surgery is a permanent solution (provided you keep your weight stable) for excess skin problem. You can go for body lift surgery if you’ve already lost the excess weight and your weight has stabilised. If you’re planning to lose more weight in future, it’s best to wait till your achieve the desired weight. Also, women planning pregnancy in future should postpone the body lift surgery. You should be a non-smoker and not have any serious medical ailment that may affect the recovery process.

Side effects:

Some of the common side-effects of body lift procedures include scarring, insufficient wound healing, excessive bleeding, pain, numbness, swelling and infection. In most cases, these side-effects are manageable and do not pose any serious risks. Blood clots, anaesthesia risks and cardiac complications can also occur in some patients.

What is the Cost?

Full body lift may cost anywhere around $15,000 – 30,000 (AUD). The cost depends on the extent of the surgery needed. Body lift surgery can improve the tone and shape of your body. However, it’s important not to have any unrealistic expectations from the surgery. You can consult a cosmetic surgeon who can provide you the right guidance on whether or not you’re the right candidate for body lift surgery and also the type of surgery you need.

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