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About Nipple Correction

What is Nipple Correction?

Nipple Correction- Need and Benefits

Asymmetrical, enlarged or inverted nipples is a common complaint of many women, as well as, men. As most individuals experience some sort of discomfort with inverted nipples, they often choose to undertake a nipple correction treatment. A nipple correction is a surgical procedure carried out under local sedatives.


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What is a Nipple Correction Procedure?

In women, extended or enlarged nipples can be a result of breastfeeding and this procedure can reduce the length of the nipples and hence, is often called a nipple reduction procedure.

Inverted nipples are of different types. The first kind of inverted nipple is normal shaped that invert occasionally. In order to fix this, a small ring is attached around the nipple to prevent it from inverting.

The second type is a badly outlaid inverted nipple, manifested from puberty and is difficult to correct. A scar is usually formed across the nipple to loosen the milk ducks.

Nipple correction procedure usually takes place by giving local anaesthesia to the candidate and the entire surgery does not leave any visible scars.

The benefits of Nipple Correction Procedure

Nipple correction is a pain-free surgical procedure that can immediately restore the self-confidence of the person who has this condition. If one is suffering from any sort of discomfort due to enlarged nipples, then corrective nipple surgery is also an advantage.  

If you are planning for a nipple correction procure, your surgeon during the consultation is likely to:

  • Evaluate your general health conditions
  • Discuss the likely outcomes of your nipple correction surgery
  • Discuss the risks and complications, which may arise from the surgery
  • Take snapshots for medical records
  • Discuss about the type of anaesthesia used and its effects

Who is the best candidate?

People who have inverted nipple problem should consider correcting this problem with Nipple Correction Procedure.

Side effects:

Every surgical treatment comes with some risks and complications. While, not every person faces side-effects after the nipple correction surgery, some patients may experience pain in the surgical area, re-arrival of inverted nipples, inability to breastfeed, and asymmetrical nipples. Recovery If the nipple correction surgery is conducted using local anaesthetic, then the patient might be able to return back home within couple of hours. Some patients also feel like returning up to their work within a couple of days after their surgery. As a patient may find slight swelling and bruising, it is recommended to take rest for a couple of days before resuming your normal activities.

What is the Cost?

The average cost of a nipple correction surgery usually depends on the individual surgery, but can cost from approximately $1500-$2500 If you are dissatisfied with the visual appearance of your breasts then it can affect in your self-confidence. While, any kind of problems associated with nipples is generally a harmless medical condition, it can certainly make a woman feel unattractive and self-conscious. At this stage, a nipple correction surgery can bring immediate and excellent aesthetic results

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