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About Thread Contour

What is Thread Contour?

  Thread Lift- Get an Attractive Face Lift Instantly

An advanced technique, called Thread lift or Contour Thread, can help to restore your beauty without having to touch the rest of your facial skin.  


The Contour Thread Lift

Contour Thread Lift is a surgical thread that is typically used for lifting a sagging skin. The procedure can be used on the forehead, mid-face, eyebrows, as well as, neck. Contour thread is also called as the ‘lunchtime facelift’ owing to its timely duration that is nearly one hour.


As ageing process begins in men and women the tissue connecting thin and elastic fibres starts to break down. As a result of it, these transformations in the underlying skin structures appear as folds, deep creases, sagging, and wrinkles.

The Benefits

Contour thread lift treatment can aid you achieve a youthful appearance, that too in a shorter span of time with least scars on the face and even without giving any sedatives.

Contour Thread procedure is also considered as a more economical alternative to a complete face lift. Therefore, people having apprehensions related to a full face lift can easily consider contour thread procedure for best results.  

Recovery after a Contour Thread Lift Treatment

After the surgery, you can prevent the threads from tearing out of your skin by keeping your face immobile for a few days. In addition, your cosmetic physician or your surgeon will also recommend you to wear a special tight garment to keep the skin tight and under pressure as well keeping laughing and talking to a minimum to improve the healing and results.

After the contour thread lift surgery, you may also be told:

  • Not to rub the face
  • Not to sleep on the back
  • Not to open the mouth widely

These restrictions are recommended to every patient for at least three weeks after the surgery. However, you may get back to your routine life within three days if you find comfortable.

Who is the eligible candidate for Contour Thread Lift Surgery?

Ideal candidates for a Contour Thread Lift Surgery include healthy individuals who are in their early 30’s and 60’s, who want to mitigate facial sagging of their eye brows, cheeks, or chin.According to medical researches, individuals are not recommended a contour thread surgery if they:

  • Have fragile, thin, and aging skin
  • Looking for a dramatic transformation
  • Have large jowls
  • Have an extremely thin face with only less facial sagging

  It is advisable to consult an experienced cosmetic physician or  a surgeon who can provide other reliable alternatives in case if you are not a suitable candidate for this cosmetic surgical procedure.

Plan yourself for contour thread procedure and experience long-term results in a very short time.

Who is the best candidate?

Many women and men experiencing signs of aging can opt for contour thread lift surgery.

Side effects:

Every surgical treatment involves some degree of risk. When it comes to a Contour Thread lift surgery, patients may find side effects including swelling and minor bruising. Some serious complications, occurring in a less number of patients, include threads tearing of from the skin and skin infection.

What is the Cost?

The price of a ThreadLift depends upon the number and location of the prolene sutures used. However, prices range from $1,500, to $3,500.

Possible Alternatives: