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About Dimple Creation

What is Dimple Creation?

Dimple Creation: Safe and Quick Cosmetic Surgery for Getting Dimples dimple is an indentation or a dent that appears on one or both the cheeks when one smiles. In many cultures, a dimple is considered as a symbol of beauty. It is believed that a dimple makes a person look charming and attractive. There are some cultures where a dimple is considered as a sign of good luck and prosperity. Some people also associate it with fertility.

Until some time back, it was believed that dimples appear naturally and only a few privileged people are born with them. But today, with the advent in medical science, one can get cheek dimples through a safe and simple cosmetic surgery procedure called dimple creation.

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What is dimple creation?

Dimple creation surgery is a safe and reliable surgery, if performed by a reliable and experienced cosmetic surgeon having adequate experience in this field. 

Your surgeon would give you local anaesthesia inside your cheeks to numb them. He or she would then make a small incision inside your mouth in the under surface of your cheek. No cuts or incisions would be made on the external part of your cheeks. The cosmetic surgeon would then remove a small piece of your cheek muscle and fat tissue. Your cheek skin will be left intact though. The bottom surface of your cheek would be pulled through a dissolvable suture and the inside part of the cheek would then be closed. This would make your cheeks look concave from the outside and would result in the formation of dimples.

The whole procedure is completed in 20-30 minutes after which the patients are allowed to go back home. However, depending on the healing and the amount of tissues removed, it may take a few days or a few weeks for the dimples to show up. 



Who is the best candidate?

Dimple creation surgery can be done on almost anyone. It doesn’t matter what type and size of cheek you have. Further, whether one has chubby cheeks or not, one can get dimples through dimple creation surgery. You may need to go for the pre-operative consultation with your surgeon during which he or she would consider your medical history and medial allergies and medications that you may be taking. You may have to stop some of the medications before undergoing the dimple creation surgery.

Side effects:

In the hands of a qualified and certified cosmetic surgeon, dimple creation is a safe cosmetic surgery procedure. The side effects and risks are very rare, but given below are some of the side effects that people may notice after the surgery. Bleeding Infection Redness Tenderness or slight discomfort Bruising Swelling Small bumps under the skin How much does dimple creation cost?

What is the Cost?

Dimple creation surgery is an affordable cosmetic surgery. Depending on whether one wants to get the dimple on one cheek or on both the cheeks, the treatment can cost anywhere between $1000 and $3000. If you envy the dimple on your friend’s or sibling’s cheeks and had always dreamt of having one, go for dimple creation surgery and realise all your dreams. Now, even you could get a beautiful dimple on your cheek and can look pretty, charming, and attractive.

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