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About Physiotherapy

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy: How it can help people deal with pain and discomfort?

An accident or illness can make it difficult for a person to move around and perform day-to-day tasks. Whether we talk of arthritis, sports injury or any disability, there are many problems that can restrict the movement of the body and make even the smallest of tasks look like insurmountable obstacles. Be it walking, climbing the stairs or lifting something, an illness or injury can make a person dependent on others for the simplest tasks.  


There are many injuries that take time to heal. Moreover, certain chronic conditions can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to an individual. Seeking medical help to restore body functions often becomes essential for a person suffering from any illness or injury. Physiotherapy may prove to be very useful in this regard.  

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a type of treatment that helps restore normal body functions and movements.

The aim of physiotherapy is to prevent and treat illnesses or injuries to maximize quality of life. By restoring the ability to move and function, physiotherapy makes it easier for an individual to cope with a chronic condition or injury.

Basically, physiotherapy includes exercises (stretching, walking, weight lifting etc.) that are designed to treat movement disorders. In addition to treating chronic conditions and injuries, physiotherapy also aims to promote general well-being in an individual.

Who is the best candidate?

People suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis that causes pain in the joints and muscles can greatly benefit from physiotherapy. People with any type of disability or injury can also go for physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is very useful for anyone with activity limitations or participatory restrictions. Elderly people with arthritis, sports players with injuries, women with pelvic pains and weak bones and children with birth defects can benefit from physiotherapy.

Side effects:

Physiotherapy doesn’t have any side-effects. However, many patients experience pain after a physiotherapy session. But, with time, the body adjusts and the pain goes away. People suffering from a complex bone or joint injury are also likely to experience pain during a physiotherapy session. It is important to keep yourself motivated and not discontinue your physiotherapy session. . Physiotherapy can make it easier for you to deal with any type of chronic or ongoing health condition. Physiotherapists work closely with physicians and other health professionals and make it easier for you to deal with the pain and discomfort of an injury, illness or disability. If you’re suffering from any specific condition and want to know how you can benefit from physiotherapy, you can consult a physiotherapist

What is the Cost?

Initial sessions with a physiotherapist may cost anywhere around $70 to $120. The subsequent sessions will cost around $50 to $100. The final costs depend on the type of illness and injury.

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