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About Hairpieces

What is Hairpieces?

Hairpiece: One product, various solutions

Growing one’s hair takes a lot of time and effort. Hairpieces offer an instant solution to get long, beautiful hair. They also allow one to get curly, straight, or wavy hair and make new hairstyles every time one goes out for a party or a special event. Hairpieces are also popular method for hair replacement. Both men and women use them to hide baldness and thinning of hair.

What are hairpieces?

Hairpieces, also called toupees, hair systems, strand-by-strand hair insertion systems, are hair prostheses that are made using meshes, polymers, or a combination of the two. Hairpieces made out of mesh fabrics are used for creating the fine hairline. They boast of natural and undetectable appearance and are very light in weight, and comfortable to wear. The problem with mesh hairpieces is that they are delicate and do not last for long. In addition, they are very expensive.

Polymers are made out of silicone or polyurethane. Hairpieces manufactured using polymers are durable in nature and are affordable too but they are quite uncomfortable to wear and look unnatural.

The hair used in a hairpiece can be human hair, artificial fibres, or animal hair. Hairpieces made out of human hair are considered the best and are also the most expensive. Further, the hair systems made out of European hair are expensive than those made out of Asian hair. This is due to the fact that European hair is available in a variety of colours, textures, densities, and textures. Asian hair is prone to breakage due to colouring and they start looking fuzzy very soon so they are cheap.

There are many ways of attaching a hairpiece. There are semi-permanent attached hairpieces that are attached to the scalp with the help of adhesives. They are removed once in six weeks by a specialist or hair technician. Then there are temporary, hairpieces that are attached with the help of tape and are easy to attach and remove on one’s own. There are hairpieces that come with clip attachments too. You can fasten them to your own hair with the help of metal clips that are attached either on the underside or adjacent to the hairpiece.

Who is the best candidate?

Hairpieces can be used by almost everyone who desires to have long and beautiful hair instantly. Hairpieces can also be used by people who love to change their hairstyles and want to get instant, new, and improved look by changing the colour, texture, and style of their hair. People who are losing hair or whose hair are thinning can also consider hairpieces as hair replacement and hair restoration treatment. However, before getting the hairpiece, one must consult a hair specialist.

Side effects:

Artificial hair, whether hair extensions or hairpieces causes some damage to natural hair. Some of the risks of wearing hairpieces are Split ends Additional pressure on the scalp Thinning of natural hair Allergies due to glue and adhesive Headache Every individual reacts differently to hair pieces. It is advisable to look for a hair expert and discuss individual needs and requirements. An expert would inform about the pros and cons of wearing the hairpieces.

What is the Cost?

The cost of a hairpiece would depend on many factors, such as the material with which it is made, the type of hair used in the hairpiece, and the method of attachment. Hairpieces in Australia come in a wide price range, starting from $250 up till $1500.

Possible Alternatives: