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About Waxing

What is Waxing?




Hair growth on other parts of the woman’s body looks unattractive and can add to poor hygiene conditions.  

This has made waxing or what we call in simple words ‘hair-removal’ a routine task to be performed, especially by women. These days, even men consider waxing to ensure their personal hygiene and in order to look more attractive.

Waxing is certainly a very cost-effective, convenient, and longer-lasting solution to remove the unwanted hair from any part of the body. As waxing eliminates hair directly from their roots, a person undergoing waxing does not need to be anxious about the hair growth for at least a month.

Applications of Waxing- Knowing it Right

Waxing is widely used for removing hair virtually from almost any part of the body including hair on the face, arms, underarms, legs, bikini line, chest, back, and hips. Other parts of a human’s body where a waxing procedure can be performed include upper lips, lower lips, chin, and eyebrows. There are some areas where waxing is not recommended include ears, eyelashes and inside nose. In addition, waxing on the male and female genital organs and nipples should only be performed under the supervision of a professional.

Choose waxing for hair removal – The benefits   

Here are some of the reasons or benefits, which make waxing as a more reliable solution for hair removal:

No Skin Damage

In comparison to other traditional ways to hair removal such as shaving and hair-removing creams, waxing is a more trust-worthy solution as it does not cause pigmentation, dark patches or cuts. As there are no harmful chemicals present in wax, therefore the skin is protected from all kinds of damaging effects.

Smooth, soft and long-lasting skin

Since waxing is used to remove hair from the ground level, it takes a longer time for new hair growth. It usually takes around 3-8 weeks for hair to re-grow from the skin individual speed of hair growth. Waxing leaves the skin smooth, soft and glowing without having you to put any kind of additional alternatives.

Waxing Weakens Hair Growth

Once you get repeated sessions of waxing, your hair growth will diminish eventually giving you a younger looking skin for a longer span of time.

Who is the best candidate?

People, who want to maintain personal hygiene and look more attractive, can opt for waxing.

Side effects:

Almost anyone who gets body waxing will experience some sort of redness on the skin for a while. Some people after a hot wax may also face red bumps, rashes, bruising or bleeding for sometime. To mitigate the side-effects of waxing, ice and cold compresses must be applied immediately on the waxed skin to bring down the redness. Waxing has been used as a cost-effective way for removing hair from the skin of men and women. If you have never undergone waxing, try it now. Make sure, you get it done safely from a professional.

What is the Cost?

Waxing is a cost-effective way for removing hair from the skin of men and women. It can cost around $10-80.

Possible Alternatives: