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About Hair Extensions

What is Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions: a quick and simple means of getting long, beautiful hair 

Hair extensions offer a wonderful and indeed one of the fastest solutions to transform your thin hair into thick, voluminous, and attractive looking hair.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are artificial hair that is used to thicken one’s hair or to add length to the hair. They offer a simple and quick solution to fine and thin hair, and even to hair loss problems. By simply getting the hair extensions attached to one’s natural hair, one can add volume and thickness to one’s otherwise thinning hair. Hair extensions are also used by people who want to add a little pizzazz to their otherwise thick, curly, or wavy hair in different colours and styles.

Hair extensions are of two types-natural and artificial. Natural hair extensions are made out of human hair. They look just like natural hair and it is very difficult to make out that a person is wearing extensions. Artificial hair extensions look like plastic and they do not have the sheen and beauty that human hair extensions have.

There are different ways to attach hair extensions. Human, as well as synthetic hair can be attached in wefts or strand by strand. A weft is a section of hair that is attached at the top of a person’s natural hair. The weft is mostly sewn or in bonded in to the natural hair. A strand of hair is considered to be 20-30 pieces of hair. Hair extensions can also be attached with the help of other means, such as bonding, fusion, locs, clamps, strings, glue, clip-ins, etc. The type of method used for attaching the hair extensions depends on the type and style of hairs chosen by an individual.

Who can get hair extensions?

Anyone who wants to add length to one’s hair or wants to add volume or thickness to the hair can get the hair extensions. Almost all hair types are able to support the hair extensions. Whether someone has sleek and straight hair, wavy or curly hair, beautiful ringlets or coloured hairs, one can get the hair extensions to change the look and feel of one’s natural hair.

If you are interested in getting the hair extensions, your hair extension specialists would offer you a consultation prior to the actual appointment. If you have seriously damaged hair or you are suffering from major hair loss problem, you may not be advised to go for hair extensions till the time your condition improves.

Who is the best candidate?

People who have thin hair can go for hair extension procedure.

Side effects:

Though the results of getting the hair extensions are amazing, it is not 100% safe and reliable. Here are some of the side-effects of getting the hair extensions Damage to natural hair Pain and discomfort Scalp irritation Infections Artificial and ugly appearance When the hair extensions are attached correctly by an expert, they look natural and beautiful and people do not experience any pain or physical discomfort. If you wish to get the hair extensions, look for someone who has experience and knowledge about the same.

What is the Cost?

The price of hair extensions may vary, depending on the type of hair, the length and the stylist. The cost of natural hair extensions is more than the artificial ones. You must also take into account the maintenance cost of the hair extensions when getting them since you would need the right hair brushes, combs, and shampoos to keep your hair extensions in good condition.

Possible Alternatives: