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About Dentists

What is Dentists?

The role of Dentists in enjoying good oral health

Good oral health is important for the overall health and well-being of a person. Several studies and research have shown that poor oral health gives rise to innumerable diseases and disorders, such as diabetes, lung infection, respiratory disorders, cancers of different types and diseases of kidney and liver. In addition, poor oral health causes gum diseases, tooth infection, tooth decay, and toot loss. In order to maintain good oral health and to prevent various dental problems, one must visit his or her dentist regularly.

Who is a dentist?

A dentist is a health care professional who offers oral health services. Dentists can be oral surgeons, cosmetic dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, or dental therapists. Their job includes diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and disorders related to teeth and gums. Dentists also advice people on how to prevent dental diseases, such as cavities, bleeding gums, periodontal diseases, tooth infections, and others.

By virtue of undergoing general training, a licensed dentist is able to carry out most of the dental treatments, such as dental restoration-crowns and bridges, orthodontics-braces, prosthodontic-dentures, crown/bridges, endodontic-root canal, and oral surgery-extraction of teeth.  They are also trained to carry out radiographs and diagnosis of the teeth, supporting bone, and gums. Some dentists specialise in performing oral surgery such as dental implant placement. However for performing complex procedures including general anaesthesia, tooth extractions and implants, dentists need to undergo special trainings and education.

Who can seek the advice and services of a dentist?

Any individual who desires to enjoy good oral health can seek the advice and professional services of a dentist. Preventive oral health services include advice regarding proper brushing techniques, flossing techniques, healthy eating habits for keeping one’s teeth strong and healthy, and avoiding things that wreck teeth and result in tooth infections, cavities, and diseases of gums and teeth. With preventing oral health advice, most of the dental problems can be avoided and one can keep one’s teeth beautiful and healthy for long period of time.

People who have lost one or more of their teeth or those who have bleeding gums, bad breath, cavities, chipped teeth, clicking jaw, and other dental problems should also seek advice and professional services of dentists to treat the dental problem and improve their oral health. Professional dentists offer a wide range of treatments and services to correct dental problems and let one have pearly white, properly aligned, beautiful and attractive teeth and smile.

Who is the best candidate?

Anyone can visit and consult a dentist. Any individual who desires to enjoy good oral health should seek advice from a dentist or must visit to dentist for regular check-ups.

Side effects:

Whereas regular visits to the dentists help reduce a person’s risk of developing dental problems, people who do not bother to visit their dentist are at an increased risk of getting the following dental problems Cavities Bleeding gums Gingivitis Periodontitis Gum inflammation Tooth decay Tooth loss Yellowed and stained teeth Diabetes Heart disease Lung and kidney disorders

What is the Cost?

Well, this would depend on the dentist, the locale, the dental problem that one has, and the treatment that is availed. Whether you are interested in getting dentures to replace your missing teeth or you want veneers to improve your smile, consult with your dentist in Australia to provide you with the exact price estimate.

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