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About Eyelash Tint

What is Eyelash Tint?

Colour your eyelashes with eyelash tint 

Long, thick, black eyelashes are often considered as a sign of beauty in many cultures. If you wish your eyelashes were a bit more appealing and could make your eyes the defining feature of your face, you may try eyelash tint. The method is gaining a lot of popularity these days in Australia and in other countries. More and more women are getting eyelash tint to get dark, sensuous eyelashes to enhance their sex appeal.

What is eyelash tint?

Eyelash tint or eyelash tinting is the process of dying the eyelashes. The procedure is performed in salons and spas by trained and qualified estheticians.

Eyelash tinting is beneficial for people who have extremely light coloured lashes and brows. The treatment results in natural effect. One can get the colour of the eyelashes matched to one’s hair or skin colour. The effect lasts for 4-6 weeks and once applied, it requires no maintenance. Since the colour doesn’t come out when wet, even athletes can get eyelash tints.

Who is the best candidate?

People who have light coloured eyelashes and brows can go for eyelash tint. People who get allergic reactions due to mascara or those who want a permanent and better solution to improve the appearance of their eyelashes can also get eyelash tint.

Side effects:

The procedure is not 100% free of risks and side-effects. If applied incorrectly, eyelash tints can be quite dangerous. Here are some of the side-effects that have been associated with eyelash tinting. Tint can cause staining of the skin It can cause allergic reactions Can result in permanent eye damage Dyes used for tinting contain coal and tartar which are not safe Eye injury, such as blindness The process only darkens the eyelashes. It doesn’t add thickness or length to them If you are interested in getting the eyelash tint make sure you visit a trained and experienced esthetician. She/he would conduct a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to the dye that is being used.

What is the Cost?

Depending on the salon, the experience and reputation of the esthetician, and the location, eye lash tinting can cost anywhere between $20 and $40.

Possible Alternatives: