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About Hoffman technique

What is Hoffman technique ?

Use Hoffman technique to prepare yourself for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the healthiest for your baby. It is also good for you as it helps shed off the pregnancy weight and establishes closeness and bonding between you and your baby. If you have flat or inverted nipples that are preventing you from breastfeeding your baby, you can try the Hoffman technique.

What is Hoffman technique?

The Hoffman Technique is a manual exercise that helps treat inverted nipples. It was introduced by Dr. J Brooks Hoffman.

Nipples that protrude are easy for the baby to grasp, and stretch them forward and backward against the roof of her mouth. Flat or inverted nipples make it difficult for the baby to nurse easily and effectively.

The Hoffman technique helps break the grip at the base of the nipples that keep them inverted. The technique involves gently placing the thumbs of both the hands opposite each other at the base of the nipple and then gently yet firmly pulling the thumbs away from each other. The exercise needs to be repeated upward and downward and then sideways. For the first few days, the exercise should be repeated twice a day and then for five times in a day.

Usually women who are pregnant for the first time experience flat or inverted nipples. But as the skin becomes elastic during pregnancy, the nipples protrude out. Only about ten percent of women have some degree of inversion by the time the baby is born. If you are pregnant and want to prepare your breasts for feeding you can start practising the Hoffman technique to draw the nipples out. You can also do the exercise after the baby is born to ensure effective breastfeeding.

Who is the best candidate?

Women’s nipples come in different shapes and sizes. Most nipples are easy for the baby to latch on and feed but some make it difficult for the baby to nurse properly. Women with inverted or flat nipples can benefit from the Hoffman technique as it is a natural and safe method to draw them out. Women who have some sort of nipple inversion or those who are pregnant for the first time can practice the Hoffman technique to prepare themselves for breastfeeding.

Side effects:

Hoffman technique is a natural, gentle exercise for drawing out flat or inverted nipples. There are no side-effects or risks associated with it. However to avoid any possible side-effect you can do the exercise as per the advice and guidelines given by a trained and qualified therapist specialising in the same.

What is the Cost?

Hoffman technique is virtually cost-free if you do it on your own in the comfort and privacy of your home. The fee charged by the therapist would depend on his qualification, experience, and your location. Motherhood is a unique feeling. Breastfeed your baby to enhance the joy and memories of motherhood.

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