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About Oaze laser helmet

What is Oaze laser helmet?

Oaze laser helmet

Hair loss is a serious problem that affects incredibly large number of men and women across the world. It not only affects one’s physical appearance, but also has a direct impact on one’s self-esteem and confidence. Though there are several surgical and non-surgical hair regrowth treatments available, those of you who are looking for a non-surgical, quick, easy, and cost effective solution to treat hair loss problem, can consider oaze laser helmet.

What is oaze laser helmet?

Oaze laser helmet is a non-surgical, non-invasive, laser hair health treatment device for preventing hair loss and allowing hair re-growth. The device is invented by a laser specialised company called Won technology after carrying extensive research and development and clinical test. Oaze helmet uses LLLT technique to prevent hair loss and to promote hair regrowth.

Low Level Laser Therapy or LLL therapy has been proven to slow down the process of hair loss, strengthen hair by increasing follicle size, and re-growing new, healthy hair by cellular rejuvenation. LLL therapy works by providing a specific wavelength of light to the scalp area for a specific duration. This increases blood flow to the scalp and reduces scalp inflammation, enabling hair growth and retention and overall improvement in the scalp health.

Oaze helmet is composed of laser and vibration function to stimulate the scalp, hair follicle and capillary. Modules which come in direct contact with the scalp minimise the light reflection and scattering, enabling the light to penetrate into the dermis deeply.

This helps improve blood flow and lymphatic flow of capillary. It also allows nutrition and oxygen to be absorbed evenly in those areas of scalp where hair loss is in progress. Vibration function stimulates capillary of the scalp and at the same time works to soften the hardened muscle. Due to laser stimulation, hair root and capillary become healthier and hair grows thicker and stronger.

The best part about this device is that it can be used right from the comfort and convenience of one’s home. One can wear oaze and can read a newspaper or watch TV. No need to visit the doctor’s clinic or wait for hours for your turn to come. The product can be purchased and can be used as per one’s convenience to solve hair loss problem and to get thicker, new hair.

Who is the best candidate?

The best candidates for LLLT or oaze laser helmet are individuals who are experiencing progressive hair loss or what is scientifically called as androgenetic Alopecia. This helmet works well on people who have not had hair transplantation. It is known to help with various stages of hair loss and adds volume to the hair even if someone has started experiencing hair thinning, but no major hair loss.

Side effects:

There are no known risks, side effects and complications associated with this device. It is 100% safe and can be used by anyone who wants to deal with the problem of hair thinning or hair loss.

What is the Cost?

The cost of this device is between $1200 and $1900, depending on the location and the place from where you buy it.

Possible Alternatives: