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About Foot Care

What is Foot Care?

Foot care facts

Most of us don’t think about our feet that much, but they are an important part of our body. Our feet bear our body weight and provide support, mobility, shock absorption, and support.

Everyday wear and tear on the feet often results in pain and aches and makes routine activities like walking, running, swimming, and cycling unpleasant and difficult. Taking proper care of your feet is therefore important.

What is foot care?

Foot care is all about taking good care of your feet for preventing bacterial and fungal infections, and avoiding muscle pain, sores, cuts, bruises. Proper foot care helps one get healthy and beautiful looking feet.

 A good foot care regime includes proper washing of the feet with warm water every day.

 It helps prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on the feet and forming cracks and cuts eventually. After washing, apply a lotion or moisturising cream on the top and bottom of your feet as it helps keep the feet soft and smooth and hydrated.

Dry feet are more prone to developing cracks. Plus, dry feet look unattractive and aged.  Do trim your nails regularly.

To protect feet, people must always wear socks and shoes. Buy shoes that fit you well and are comfortable to wear. The inner lining of the shoes should be smooth. Wear clean, cotton socks as they allow the feet to breathe and help prevent blisters and sores.

While sitting, keep your feet up to ensure proper blood circulation. Avoid crossing your legs for longer duration as it affects blood circulation.

You must exercise your feet every day as part of foot care regime. Move your ankles up and down and in and out and wiggle your toes. This simple exercise would help improve blood flow to your feet and legs.

Consult a foot doctor once in six months or once in a year. He would check your feet, sense of feeling and pulses to ensure everything is fine. In case of cuts, blisters, or cracks, or any other problem with the feet, your foot doctor would advise you how to take good care of your feet and protect them from any infections, or serious disease.

Is foot care important for everyone?

Foot care is important for everyone and is even more important for people who have diabetes, or for those who experience pain in feet, and feeling of numbness and tingling sensation in their feet. People who have sores, cuts, or ulcers on their feet that do not heal should also take good care of their feet.

If you suffer from heel spur or plantar fasciitis , Acoustic wave therapy may be  a good option for you.

Any change in the shape of toes or feet also makes it necessary for a person to take good care of one’s feet and to consult a foot care doctor.

Proper foot care helps in lowering down the risks of losing a toe, foot, or leg. Further, it helps keep the feet healthy and allows one to avoid the pain and aches that are caused due to improper foot care.

Who is the best candidate?

People with everyday wear and tear on the feet that result in pain and aches, should take proper care of their feet.

Side effects:

Failure to take good care of the feet often results in the following problems: Every day aches and pains Fungal and bacterial infections Cuts Bruises Cracks Numbness Tingling sensation in the feet Wrinkled and leathery skin Loss of elasticity By taking good care of your feet and consulting a foot care specialist one can keep one’s feet healthy and beautiful. People, who have diabetes, the foot care specialist would offer them valuable tips on improving blood circulation to your feet and how to keep them healthy.

What is the Cost?

The cost of foot care would depend on the products used for foot care, whether you have any infection or cuts or bruises on your feet, the fact whether you have diabetes or not, and the foot care specialist that you hire.

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