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About Lamprobe

What is Lamprobe?

As the population ages, many minor skin abnormalities appear in the aging skin that may affect the aging baby boomers both physically and psychologically.

Decline in the ozone layer has drastically increased the skin problems. Skin irregularities like skin tags, cheery angiomas, sebaceous hyperplasias, broken capillaries, pimples, fibromas, keratoses, and other cosmetic flaws give very ugly and unsightful to your youthful and healthy complexion. Some of these slim irregularities like pimples, keratoses, etc, are very common facial and scalp problems.

Lamprobe is a non-invasive, high radio frequency technology to treat skin abnormalities without penetrating the skin’s surface. It is a very rapid process (3-5 seconds) to treat the superficial irregularities, without the need of anesthesia. The process is sometimes referred to as Radio vaporization or Thermo coagulation.


The major advantage of this technique is its fast and precise treatment.

How does Lamprobe work?


Lamprobe is a class 1 FDA approved device that utilizes radio high frequency that emits heat at the surface of skin to attract liquids or oils within the skin irregularity to dry, fade and diminish the flaw.


It is almost risk free treatment. It is painless, just a pinch to the skin. On most occasions a single session of treatment, which is of few seconds, is required. However, there is a need repeat treatment for some major skin irregularities. Most of the patients are more than satisfied with the Lamprobe treatment.

Who is the best candidate?

Any skin irregularities can be treated with Lamprobe for any skin type. However, it is recommended that those who are pregnant have skin infections or contagious skin disorders, severe heart problems, diabetics, should consult a physician first. Unless they give the permission, no Lamprobe treatment would be provided to the patients. Generally, no pre-treatment precautions are advised. It is only for the patients with some above mentioned problems that some precautions are advised. But, there are some measures that should be kept in mind after the treatment. For example:- •Don’t pick, rub or scratch scabs as this may lead to hyperpigmentation or scarring. •Avoid direct sunlight for 21 days after post treatment. •Don’t use abrasive or irritating products unless the treated area is completely healed. •Don’t have any skincare treatments for 21 days, such as, waxing, bleaching, etc. •Keep the treated area dry after cleansing. Don’t rub. Results of many Lamprobe treatments are instantaneous; however, larger irregularities may need more than one treatment. If you are not satisfied with the results then you may visit second time after six weeks to get the complete healing of the desired area of your skin.

Side effects:

Slight redness at the treated area and the scabbing for a few days before the irregularity has faded or completely diminished.

What is the Cost?

It is an affordable low costing treatment. It varies from $70 (AUD) for removal of a small lesion such as Milia and up according to the extent of the treatment.

Possible Alternatives: