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About Endoscopic Vein Surgery

What is Endoscopic Vein Surgery?

Endoscopic Vein Surgery- What is it and how it can help people with Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are a common condition that affects many people across the world. Varicose veins are basically the swollen, twisted veins that can be seen near the surface of the skin. They mostly occur in the legs and can cause certain health complications including pain and skin ulcers. In some patients, varicose veins may occur in other parts of the body as well. Moreover, they can also negatively affect the appearance of a person.

When it comes to the treatment of varicose veins, lifestyle changes may prove to be very helpful. From doing physical activities to losing excess weight, there are many changes that can help a patient. However, at times, lifestyle changes fail to provide any significant relief. In such cases, medical procedures like Endoscopic Vein Surgery may be needed to relieve symptoms and improve appearance of the patient.

What is Endoscopic Vein Surgery?

Endoscpic Vein Surgery is a medical procedure performed to treat varicose veins in a patient. It is mostly used in severe cases of varicose veins where other treatment options have proven to be ineffective.

 The surgery is performed by making a small cut near a varicose vein. A small camera with a surgical device is used to close the vein. This surgery proves to be very helpful for people suffering from skin ulcers caused by varicose veins.

Who is the best candidate?

Endoscopic Vein Surgery is ideal for people experiencing leg pain, ulcers and sores caused by varicose veins. This surgery is particularly beneficial for people suffering from a severe case of varicose veins. Also, if you’ve tried making lifestyle changes without any relief, you can opt for Endoscopic Vein Surgery. Those who want to improve the appearance of their leg can also go for this surgery.

Side effects:

Endoscopic Vein Surgery is a medical procedure and can cause some side-effects. Bruising, aching and inflammation are some of the common side-effects experienced by patients after the surgery. However, most of the side-effects experienced by the patients usually subside within a few days. Post-operative care is needed to ensure speedy recovery. Most patients can return to their normal schedule within a few weeks of the surgery.

What is the Cost?

An Endoscopic Vein Surgery can cost anywhere around $2000 to $5000. Endoscopic Vein Surgery can be very helpful when it comes to reducing the pain and discomfort caused by varicose veins and improving the appearance of legs. If you’ve tried making lifestyle changes without any success, you can consult a cosmetic surgeon for more information on Endoscopic Vein Surgery.

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