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About Cortisone injections

What is Cortisone injections?

Cortisone Injections- Say ‘Goodbye’ to Diseases

If you do not know what a cortisone injection is, you must first know about what cortisone is? It is typically a steroid, which is developed naturally though the adrenal gland. Through the adrenal gland, cortisol is released when the body is in stress. Natural cortisone is discharged mainly into the blood stream. At this juncture, a cortisone injection treatment is ideal.

What is a Cortisone Injection Treatment?                        

A cortisone injection is a treatment that is typically designed to treat numerous disorders, diseases, and conditions. Cortisone is a corticosteroid present in the injection, which has potential anti-inflammatory effects. The treatment aids to regulate the activity of the patient’s immune system.

Injectable cortisone is produced synthetically and is referred with various names including Celestone, Kenalog, and others. The synthetic cortisone is injected into the specific area of inflammation and its effects lasts for a longer period of time.

Who can Consider Getting a Cortisone Injection?

People who might be suffering from different allergic conditions, joint pains, asthma, or even arthritis affecting joints can consider cortisone injection treatment

What are the benefits of Cortisone Injection Treatment?

Cortisone is a highly effective anti-inflammatory medication but not a pain relieving medication, rather only cures inflammation. The pain from cortisone is usually decreased with disappearance of the inflammation. With cortisone injected into a specific area of inflammation, medication with high concentration could be provided to the patient.

Cortisone injections have been treating patients from the early 1950s and have been providing tremendous short-term pain relief.

Considering Cortisone Injections – A Smart Option

Considering cortisone injections can help relieve pain and inflammation at the concerned area. These shots can help you get rid of pain from most parts of your body from shoulders, knees, hips, ankles to wrists, spine, elbows, neck, and back.

Going for this treatment is certainly a smart option as you can derive the benefit even in the smallest joints, such as hands. Consult your local physician to know whether you are suitable for the treatment.

Who is the best candidate?

Side effects:

While not all the patients experience any side-effects of cortisone injections, some might feel some sort of pain, which could be for a brief period of time. It could last for a day or two and is best treated by applying ice on the injected area. Other side-effects of cortisone injections could be skin whitening where the injection has been given. This complication only arises with patients who have a darker skin. However, it is not something dangerous or harmful.

What is the Cost?

These injections work excellent to reduce inflammation around a nerve, joint, and benefit you with various joint pains in areas including the elbow, knee, hip, shoulder, neck, and lower back. The average cost of the treatment is approximately $120 - $200.

Possible Alternatives: