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About Botulinum toxine-A injections

What is Botulinum toxine-A injections?

Botulinum toxine-A Injections: It’s Benefits and Side-effects

Many of the cosmetic procedures available today are quite complicated and require long recovery time. However, some treatment options can help the patients achieve the desired results in a quick and effective manner. Botulinum toxine-A injections therapy is one such treatment option.

What are Botulinum toxine-A injections?

Botulinum toxine-A injections, commonly known as Botox injections, are used to treat dystonia and to rejuvenate skin. Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder that results in involuntary and extended muscle contractions known as spasms. Botox injections can be very effective when it comes to reducing the excess muscle activity.

Botox injections also have very important cosmetic uses. They are used to remove or reduce unwanted facial wrinkles. They can also be very effective when it comes to reducing frown lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. They can help reduce age-related skin changes in a patient. They can also be combined with other cosmetic skin procedures to improve your results. Botox injections are also used for non-surgical brow lift.

Who is the best candidate?

The patients who’re in good physical condition and have limited areas of spasticity are good candidates for Botulinum toxine-A injections therapy. If you’ve wrinkles that are affecting your appearance and making you look tired and angry all the time, you can benefit from the treatment. Botulinum toxine-A injections may also prove helpful for those who’re suffering from other skin issues related to aging. However, people who’re opting for Botox injections for cosmetic purposes shouldn’t have any unrealistic expectations from the treatment. Also, the patients who’re suffering from any underlying neuromuscular diseases should not go for this treatment.

Side effects:

If used inappropriately or by an inexperienced surgeon, Botulinum toxine-A injections can be dangerous. They do have some side-effects. Some of the health risks include weakness in the muscles, difficulty in swallowing, eyelid droop, crooked smile and dry eye. In some rare cases, the effects of Botulinum toxine may spread to other parts of the body and cause loss of bladder control, trouble in breathing and vision problems. Soreness on the injection site is another common side-effect of Botox injections. Most of the side-effects go away quickly. However, in case of certain serious side-effects medical help should be given to the patient to prevent any major damage.

What is the Cost?

They are used for clinical as well as cosmetic purposes. The cost of Botulinum toxine-A injections therapy depends on the number of units being injected and can start from $14-$17 per unit. Botulinum toxine is one of the most poisonous substances found in the world. However, it can be very effective when it comes to helping a patient overcome muscle spasms, wrinkles and other skin-related issues. If used appropriately, Botulinum toxine-A injections therapy is a safe way to get rid of cosmetic defects and to improve your appearance.

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