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About Acoustic Wave Therapy

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic Wave Therapy – Get Rid of the Extra Cellulite

Everyone, especially women have heard of the word, “Cellulite”. This is because, according to studies, there are nearly 90% of women who have cellulite on their skin due to which, their body tends to look flabby.

Cellulite is basically an assortment of plump that is deposited within the subcutaneous layer of a person’s skin. Some of the factors, which contribute to having cellulite in people include aging, poor diet, lack of exercise, low levels of water intake, smoking and alcohol.

Now, since you know the causes of cellulite formation, you are better poised to treat the problem or take preventive steps to this unsightly condition. While, there are a number of techniques that help to reduce cellulite, one of ideal treatments is Acoustic Wave Therapy.

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Amongst the many other life-changing inventions, Acoustic Wave Therapy was discovered as an effective treatment for cellulite and skin tightening. Today, the cosmetic surgery has achieved great success in Europe, the U.S and Australia owing to its excellent results, which are visible within a short period of time.

With the desire to look better and need for permanent cellulite removal from skin has lead to the evolution of acoustic wave therapy, which typically emphasises at delivering impressive results when it comes to cellulite removal.

Acoustic Wave Therapy – The Treatment

The acoustic wave therapy procedure is carried out with acoustic waves, which are mechanical, emit like pulses and create vibrations on the patient’s skin.

The vibrations attack further spreads across all the fat that is deposited under the skin. The technique aims at breaking and loosening out the fibres and hence eliminating excessive fat, water, as well as, toxins. Simultaneously, the therapy stimulates new, healthy collagen fibres and    refurbishes strength, elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.                                                                                     

Acoustic wave therapy stimulates blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients in all the affected areas of the body. The end result is a much toned, tighter and smoother skin. Ultimately, there is a disappearance of cellulite.


Benefits of Cellulite Treatment – Acoustic Wave Therapy



Acoustic Wave Therapy, the procedure for cellulite removal delivers dramatic results in areas such as thighs, hips, abdomen, buttocks, and hands. It further enhances the skin after liposuction and works tremendously for women who want to look slimmer, toned and healthy.

Who is the best candidate?

Virtually anyone is suitable for this shock wave therapy especially, those women who have cellulite on their thighs, stomach and buttocks.

Side effects:

While, there are no such risks associated with the surgery, some patients may experience pain and hypersensitivity at the site of the treatment.

What is the Cost?

The average cost of the surgery is not too expensive. In Australia, it would cost you approximately $350-$500 per session and normally a course of 10-14 weekly sessions are required for best results.

Possible Alternatives: