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About Sinus Lift

What is Sinus Lift ?

Sinus Lift

Millions of people across the globe are suffering from major dental problems such as dental decay, dental trauma or periodontal disease. A toothless area known as ridge, whether complete or partial is replaced by the process called dental implant. For a proper implantation quantity of bone in the patient’s jaw should be adequate. To support dental implants surgeries are done to graft extra bones if needed. One of the well known surgeries for bone grafting is Sinus Lift.


What is Sinus Lift?

Sinus lift or sinus augmentation is a surgical procedure for the purpose of increasing the amount of bone in posterior maxilla, i.e., upper jaw bone, particularly in the area of back teeth, molars and premolars. In this process some volume of the maxillary sinus is replaced with the grafted material.



Who is the best candidate?

When the floor of the sinus is too close for dental implants, Sinus lift procedure is done to ensure a secure place for dental implants. Hence, those patients who have a lower sinus are the best candidates for this surgery of Sinus Lift. Lowering of sinus can be caused by following reasons: -Loss of teeth in posterior maxilla. -Inadequate amount of bone in posterior maxilla.

Side effects:

The main risk of sinus lift is that it can lead to ripping or tearing of sinus membrane. Moreover, it can also induce sinusitis. Apart from these some other minor side effects that can be found are: Pain Inflammation Itching Scars

What is the Cost?

A Sinus lift can typically cost $ 1700 (AUD) to $ 3200 (AUD) per side, thus costing $ 3400 to $ 6400 for both sides. But the extent of invasiveness and other factors like the seriousness of the implant site could be decisive criterion for the cost of sinus lift procedure

Possible Alternatives: