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About Depilatory creams

What is Depilatory creams?

Depilatory creams: remove unwanted hair in a quick, easy, pain-free and affordable way!
Depilatory creams offer a quick and easy solution to hair removal woes. If you are one of those who are looking for an alternative to shaving, waxing, electrolysis, and/or laser hair removal, you may consider using depilatory creams.

What are depilatory creams?
The word depilatory means removing the hair. Depilatory creams are creams that help remove hair. These creams contain special active ingredients such as sodium and calcium thioglycolate that break down keratin, the principal protein that forms hair strand. The process results in safe, gentle, and quick removal of hair. Depilatory creams can be used for removing hair in the legs, arms, armpits, bikini, chest, and face.
Though the exact effect of the depilatory cream depends on the strength and coarseness of the hair being removed, hair colour, and the length of time for which the cream is left on the hair to act, these creams take just 5-10 minutes for easily removing the hair. There are many other benefits of using depilatory creams, such as

  • These creams are readily available at drug stores
  • Depilatory creams do not cost much
  • They are convenient to use at home
  • They are able to remove all shades and colours of hair, from all skin types

Depilatory creams come in a wide variety. There are creams designed with special formulas for different hair types, such as coarse and fine, and for different areas of the body. In order to enjoy the best results and to minimise any chances of irritation, one must choose the right depilatory hair removal cream, depending on one’s skin type and the area where it needs to be removed.

Who is the best candidate?

Men and women who are looking for a painless, quick, safe, and cost-effective solution to hair removal can use depilatory creams. Depilatory cream does not remove the hair as deep as waxing does but goes deeper than the shaving. The whole process is painless and can be completed within a few minutes in the privacy and comfort of one’s own home. Depilatory creams are smelly, require regular application, and are not effective in removing coarse hair. Some people find it quite messy to use these hair removal creams. But there are others who find it easy, affordable, and pain-free method for removing large areas of hair without undergoing the pain and hassle associated with waxing.

Side effects:

Like many other hair removal methods, there is a possibility of side effects associated with depilatory creams. You may experience the following side-effects after using depilatory creams, Skin irritation Rash Inflammation Chemical burns Blisters Skin discolouration Allergy The side effects can be minimised by using reliable, branded depilatory creams and by carefully following the instructions. Further, by choosing the cream depending on one’s hair type one can further prevent any serious side effects of using depilatory creams. You may ask your physician or dermatologist to recommend you safe and reliable depilatory creams.

What is the Cost?

The price of depilatory creams vary from brand to brand but most such creams contain the cream, an after lotion, a spatula, and instructions and do not cost more than $15. Use good quality, renowned depilatory cream to get rid of unwanted hair in a quick, easy, affordable, and pain-free method.

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