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About Wigs

What is Wigs?

What is a wig?

A wig is a head covering made from human, animal hair and synthetic fiber that is worn for fashion or to disguise baldness. It is also sometimes used as cultural tradition and religious rites.

Wigs have become popular among the people all around the globe. Both men and women use wigs for different reasons regardless of their age. However, women have more fascination of long, beautiful, charming and stylish wigs. Stylish and long lasting wigs help in increasing magnificence and attraction. Wigs change the complexion of a person and conceal natural hair issues as well.

What are different kinds of wigs?

Wigs are worn for different reasons. They cover thinning hair, add unique hairstyle, complements to the costume or acting. There are many types of wigs to choose from. Most widely used wigs are:

  • Natural Wigs: These are made from variety of hairs, such as human hair, wool, and horse hair. Human hair wig is the best quality wig available in the market.

  • Synthetic wigs: Wigs made from acrylic or nylon is synthetic wigs. These tend to be less expensive than natural wigs. ]

  • Remy hair wigs: These are purely human hair wigs. They are also called virgin hair wigs or cut hair wigs. They last a long time and are durable than any other wigs, for they retain a lot of their natural strength.


      Wigs are also divided into many categories according to their uses. For example, thereare costume

      wigs to complement your costume and Halloween wigs to dress at Halloween parties. Similarly,

      there are lace front wigs, deluxe fashion wigs and hair extensions that work in different situations.


   How do wigs help?

    Wigs help in various ways. Some of the most useful benefits are:


  • Wigs can conceal the hair of those who suffer from hair loss or complete baldness.

  • Hair loss, sometimes, is the symptom for different illness like cancer and also the side effect of many treatments. Wigs help those patients to give an alternative to their natural hair.

  • Wigs are useful in some hair issues, such as, patchiness and alopecia.

  • Wigs are great way to protect natural hair. Wigs serve as a protection from heat, colouring, and bleaching to give your natural hair the chance to grow healthier, stronger and longer.

  • A wig can change a person’s whole look, especially for women. From being, redhead, to blonde and brunette, they can change their identity with their hair. Wigs are great way to feel confident.




Who is the best candidate?

Wigs are used in film and theatre. They are also worn by some people on a daily or occasional basis in everyday life. Those individuals who are experiencing hair loss due to medical reasons also wear wigs to camouflage their baldness. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or those who suffer from alopecia areata are the best candidates.

Side effects:

Side effects of using wigs are minimal including irritation.

What is the Cost?

Cost depends on the type of wig that you choose. Human hair wigs are at least twice as expensive as synthetic wigs. Also, the cost varies according to the measurements and fiber that you want. Types of construction, colour and design also play significant role in determining the cost of wigs.

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