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Australian Dentists Clinic - Melbourne CBD


Australian Dentists Clinic - Melbourne CBD
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Australian Dentists Clinic - Melbourne CBD Dentist

Our contemporary Melbourne CBD dental clinic and professional team offers a wide-range of dental treatments.  We warmly welcome new patients to our dental clinic and endeavor to ensure your dentist’s appointment is relaxing and comfortable.

We are located on Level 3 – 620 Bourke Street, Melbourne. We have tram stops right outside our dental clinic and we are only a few minutes walk from Southern Cross Station and Flinders Street Station. Our dental clinic is open 7 days, ensuring that we can see you and your family when it suits your busy lifestyle.  To book an appointment please call us on (03) 90088 0257.

We provide a full range of dental treatment options and our recently renovated dental clinic offers a relaxing and tranquil setting. Our dentists believe that it is paramount that all our patients are given detailed and independent information to make the correct treatment choice.

Invisalign is becoming very popular at our Melbourne Dentist Clinic and as a result we now offer a free Invisalign initial consolation. Invisalign allows patients very effective and rapid, teeth straightening treatments on crooked or misaligned teeth. Many patients are not interested in traditional style orthodontics due to the social stigma of having a mouth full of metal. Invisalign allows invisible orthodontics and even allows the patient to remove the appliance when eating foods so they can eat anything they like and small items of food will not get stuck.

Another popular treatment option at our dental clinic is the removal of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth often erupt and cause issues due to compression on other molars. As we are open seven days a week we can perform simple and complicated wisdom teeth removal and our patients can be back at work or school on Monday without any disruption to their busy lifestyle.

A dental crown is made from porcelain or ceramic material is often used to cover a damaged tooth or after a patient has had a root canal treatment. A dental crown protects the natural tooth from further damage and due to the natural colour and shape in undetectable from our natural tooth.

Dental Implants are also becoming very poplar and over the past several years the prices have dropped dramatically. A dental implant is the latest in dental treatments and allows a permanent solution to an extracted tooth. Many patients fear or find having a tooth removed a traumatic experience. A dental implant provides an affordable option and reduces the risk of jawbone loss and further dental issues.

Dental Veneers are used to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. When a tooth becomes chipped or discolored from drinking tea, coffee or smoking veneers are a perfect solution. A dental veneer is simply a thin wafer, which is fitted over your tooth.

Root Canals often have a terrible stigma attached to them, however please do not be afraid. Many of our patients are genuinely surprised on how painless and straightforward a root canal is. When a tooth is damaged, to save the tooth the roots inside the tooth are removed and this prevents further infection or abscess.

Our additional general dentistry treatments include cleaning, tooth coloured fillings and dental crowns and bridges. Many of our patients that we see are also interested in our cosmetic services and over the years we have helped thousands of patients achieve their dream smile. Our dental team including dental hygienists and dentists would be more than happy to answer any further questions about our treatments and services. 





Level 3 - 620 Bourke Street


Phone: (03) 9088 0257

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