U K -Plastic surgery rates continue to rise

Thursday 30th January 2014


As reported in the UK  just this week. Well it seems that though there is a log of belt tightening financially, this is not so for the British waistlines which appear to be growing. Hence the need for more procedures such a tummy tuck and demand is higher than ever.


According to BAAPS -  The British Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the number of  surgical procedures in 2011 has risen by 5.8% on the previous year, to a total number of 43,069 procedures. Male Tummy Tucks gaining the most by a massive 15% increase




Aesthetic surgery for males now totals 10% of all UK surgical procedures which is a growth of 5.6% to complement the growth in women’s procedures, to a total of 5.8% overall. A constant growth of 6.2% continues to maintain Breast Augmentations as the most popular procedure. The figures for Breast Augmentation shows it is twice as popular that other popular surgeries



President Elect at BAAPS   - Rajiv Grover, himself a consultant plastic surgeon, commented: “The continued popularity of aesthetic plastic surgery even through financially difficult times demonstrates that the public sees real value in the psychological and physical achievements that can be achieved.”


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