The beauty of Yin and Yang

Friday 4th July 2014


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a sophisticated system of medicine with a history spanning 3000 years. The philosophy is based on the laws of nature seeking balance. This balance is known as Yin and Yang, two polar opposites that can not exist without each other.

Yin is cold and Yang is hot and without the other, our bodies either burn up or freeze to death. Energy circulates through invisible pathways in our body to keep us warm and strong. Each pathway is connected to an internal organ. When the energy in the pathways become blocked, empty or overflows, our internal organs are directly affected, causing us to become ill and age prematurely.

Blood is Yin and keeps our bodies lubricated, preventing us from getting too hot. It nourishes our skin and provides our body with nutrients to build collagen but as we age, it starts to wane, causing our skin to slacken and lose its glow.

"At 35 years, the stomach and large Intestine pathways that govern the major facial muscles begin to deplete, the muscles begin to atrophy, facial wrinkles appear, and hair begins to thin"
Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine

The beauty of acupuncture is its ability to affect the flow of energy in pathways to benefit our whole body, so what is deficient is nourished, what is too cold is warmed, what is too hot is cooled and what is stagnant is moved. It follows the principle that beauty radiates from the inside out. When our energy is flowing smoothly, our blood is abundant and our organs are strong, beauty reveals itself externally.?

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