Chiropractic Neurology

Monday 14th April 2014


Brain Science is a new frontier. Brain hemisphericity is when one hemisphere of the brain is reduced in function in comparison to the other hemisphere, giving rise to functional changes in the body reducing your neurological, structural and metabolic capacity.

This will further reduce brain flexibility, plasticity, survivability and adaptability. The brain has two hemispheres processing information from opposite side of the body. As well as integrated thought, there is reason to believe deep sleep handles left brain processing and while dream sleep is handled by the right brain. Many emotional danger signals are processed by the right part of the brain as well as intuitive and creative thinking.

The left side of the brain handles positive emotions like happiness, optimism and euphoria as well as the logical thinking. The more we are able to access both, the better we function, helping us harness all levels of intelligence for healthy choices. Chiropractic Neurology marries the biomechanics/orthopedic aspect of chiropractic care with the latest techniques of assessment and rehabilitation of the central nervous system.The nervous system consist of the brain, spinal vertebra , spinal nerves which carry information from body to the brain and vise versa, and series of build in reflexes to response to respond or react to the internal(body) and external environment .

This response depends on how the brain integrates incoming information. The goal is to identify areas of the brain which have fatigue. Most individuals may have fatigue in the left or right side of the brain, creating imbalances, giving rise to their present symptoms. After a thorough functional neurological examination, you are provided with a series of neuro-modulation exercises and if necessary a series of specific treatment programs to enhance the function of the nervous system. The treatment includes chiropractic adjustments, brain exercises, light, heat, water, sound, and electric stimulation, N.O.T and Brain nutrition.

When these stimulation modalities are specifically and correctly applied to your case immediate results are often observed. Your nervous system will begin to regain its optimal function and you will begin to regain your health and vitality.

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