Are you ready for plastic surgery

Monday 25th August 2014



Are you ready for Surgery? Considerations


• If you or someone close to you is going through significant life changes, you may want to postpone surgery until this settles down.


• Is the decision an impulsive one? Have your considered all your options, both surgical and non-surgical?


• Is this procedure going to change your life for the better? If your answer is yes, you may need to consider your options for surgery carefully.


• Are you really doing this for yourself or someone else?


• What are you goals and motivations? Make sure you honest with yourself and that your expectations are realistic. An ideal candidate feels comfortable in the shoes and does not

perceive themselves as deformed, but has a specific problem they want improved.


• Consider carefully whether the outcome you are looking for is radical and unnatural?


• Are you prepared for feeling of disappoint ment, depression or confusion after surgery?

If everything goes well with the surgery, getting the “blues” during the healing process is normal. You may not feel like yourself for a while and the new look may take some time to adjust to.


• Do you know the risks of the procedure and are you willing to accept them?


• Do you feel psychologically ready for surgery with the emotional and logistical support to see it through? Depending on the procedure, someone to take you to the surgery and care for you afterwards. That person needs to support you and let you voice your concerns

free to them.


• Are you aware that surgery changes certain features of the body, but not necessarily your emotional factors with these features?


You know you are ready for surgery when


• You know what you want


• You are doing it for yourself


• You have a good network of support


• You have done all your homework


• You know you have to keep it real


• You have sorted out all financial implications


• You are prepared to handle all the risks


• Your are physically prepared


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