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About Us

Cosmetic Choice™, has diligently selected Service Providers with the highest and most positive client feedback and service background, to achieve trust and satisfaction for our members.

Cosmetic Choice™ enables you to access all your cosmetic, health & beauty needs in the one place.

A place that people feel assured of getting the best service and advice. Cosmetic Choice™, thrives on Customer satisfaction.

We strive to provide you with continuous up to date information on the latest treatments, enhancements and services within the industry. As Customer care is our focus, we will continue to help connect you with most trusted Service Providers through out Australia and many of the major capital cities of the world!

Cosmetic Choice seeks to empower consumers by aligning them with reputable practitioners and the Associations that govern them.

To learn more about these Associations, or the type of practitioner to look for in relation to the services you need, please select one of the following links -

The Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine
The Australian Institute of Laser Therapy
Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
Unity Health

There is only one choice, Cosmetic Choice™!