7 Things You Need to Know about Aging and Nose Jobs

Wednesday 29th January 2014


Many of us wonder what happens to a rhinoplasty result when a person ages. Will it simply hold itself well? Or will the aesthetic result diminish? Here are some facts that you would be interested to know about aging and nose jobs.

How the nose age?


From that adorable button nose that you once had as a child, this appendage gradually changes as you age. This starts around the time of puberty as the nasal skeleton takes on a significant elongation. The process of skeletal growth becomes final around age 16, as it then takes an adult form. But, even though the nasal skeleton no longer grows from this stage forward, it is true that the nasal shape may still evolve. This can be affected by certain biological or environmental factors, and this will create subtle changes to your nose as you age. This means that as you blow more candles every year, your nose is also aging, with some showing it more than others. 


How an aging nose typically looks like?


An aging nose is typically elongated, narrowed, has collapsed sidewalls, with some drooping at the tip. Overall, the nasal skin becomes thickened. For some, the tip of the nose curves downward, especially due to collagen breakdown. Many often express how their noses become less attractive as they get older. This is why the need to preserve nasal structure is felt more in older individuals. 


Factors that causes the nose to age. 


Nicotine use - If smoking is one habit you might having a hard time of breaking then it is high time you kick it to the curb because this easily destroys collagen layers and other skin cells. 

Nasal allergies - Allergies can also introduce constant irritation to the skin of the nose. 

Nasal trauma - Impairs proper blood circulation to the area resulting to poor oxygenation to skin cells and underlying skin layers. 

Circulatory compromise as with diabetes - Diabetes affects and may even destroy the tiny blood vessels that supply blood to the nose. 

Sun damage - UV exposure damages skin cells and underlying skin layers. 


No upper age limit. 


Rhinoplasty in teenagers may be a topic that ought to be discussed in detail, since the nose is yet in the process of maturing. That is why there is a strict age limit for nose jobs in teenagers. However, the rules are more lenient as you age. Granted that you are in good health, there is actually no age limit for nose jobs. The surgeon would have to do preoperative testing to ensure that you are safe to undergo this procedure. 


Rhinoplasty to cover up the age. 


The refinement that is created by rhinoplasty is the reason why it is included in the list of anti-aging procedures. This surgery is also combined with other rejuvenating surgeries such as a face lift, neck lift or blepharoplasty. Some surgeons say that getting a nose job when you’re older creates a more apparent change to your image and self-identity. Having lived with your nasal structure that long will have you adapt to the structural change longer. 


Usual approach in enhancing an aging nose. 


Surgeons say that the surgery for an aging nose is relatively simple. It involves refinement of the tip with the use of cartilage grafts. The process does not involve breaking bones, making the recovery process shorter. Some surgeons use endoscopic technology to provide better precision and lessen invasiveness. 


For some patients, rhinoplasty may be needed to improve spontaneous breathing especially when opening up nasal passages better. With the nasal tip drooping, the structural support of the nose is then weakened, impairing a person's ability to breathe well through the nose. During consultation, the surgeon may push up the nasal tip to check any improvement in breathing if this is done. 


Advice on how to prevent your nose from drooping before and after surgery 


With all unavoidable factors that cause your nose to age, there is something you can do about the avoidable causes. It helps to know these things so that even after an anti-aging nose job, you can maintain good results with the following: 


Avoid the sun so that you don't promote further collagen breakdown causing the tip to droopAvoid or minimize smoking because this also damages the collagen layersMinimize dramatic weight fluctuations to avoid significant skin sagging or nasal enlargmentUse prescription products, like retinoids, to help regenerate and preserve collagen. 


Aging is an important factor when getting a rhinoplasty. Of course, the cosmetic enhancement needed for a 25-year-old may vary with that who is getting the procedure in their golden years. That is why it pays to have a good surgeon, one with lengthy experience, to do the work on your nose. You can never be too lenient on this especially when bad outcome often breeds more problem for repair surgery and even on the pockets. Also, with the the deteriorating condition of the nasal structures as you age, settling for second best is simply gambling your only nose. 


About the Author: 

Sandy Moore is a writer living in Brisbane, Australia. Sandra has had over 10 years of experience in all areas cosmetic surgery including extensive work exposure throughout Australia and abroad.


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